wild west

The Wild West

Tuesday, 9th Dec 2014, Australian Property Investor

With vacancy rates on the rise in Perth, people need to be smarter in selecting a good investment property. API magazine looks at which areas are still offering up good investment opportunities.

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councils urged

Councils urged to increase infill

Monday, 10th Nov 2014, Business News

The state government has been praised for its commitment to planning reform, but local governments are being urged to get on board.

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achilles heel

Established stock an Achilles heel

Monday, 10th Nov 2014, Business News

Perth’s boom in new apartments construction may be causing a glut on the rentals side of the market.

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optimum investment

What would be your optimum investment property?

Sunday, 9th Nov 2014, The Sunday Times

“As property is a long-term investment, it’s wise to target properties that will make you money in the long term, not just in the short term. Capital growth is what makes you money in property. While we want to get an excellent rental return, it can’t be at the expense of a low-growth investment”, says Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins.

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equity empires

Equity empires

Wednesday, 5th Nov 2014, Smart Property Investment

Equity is a tool that all investors can use to fast-track their asset acquisition. However, your ability to create and access equity can vary depending on the properties you buy.

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finding your dream home

The Development Guide – Buying off the plan

Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014, The Sunday Times

Damian Collins shares his four must-dos for buying off the plan.

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first investment

Choosing your first investment

Saturday, 1st Nov 2014, Smart Property Investment

Your first investment property can be the most difficult purchase you’ll make – but what happens next?

Damian Collins is one of three investors interviewed by SPI magazine about using their first purchase to build wealth.

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academic urban sprawl

Academic blames Perth sprawl for job rejection

Wednesday, 29th Oct 2014, The West Australian

A US academic who turned down a $170,000 job in Perth because he could only afford to live in a “far-flung, car-only” suburb has reignited debate over housing affordability and urban sprawl.

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chinese eye

Chinese eye property plays

Monday, 27th Oct 2014, Business News

A growing number of Chinese developers are eyeing Perth’s booming apartment market for large project opportunities.

“They’re talking 100 to 200 units as their bare minimum, that’s the sort of projects that they are looking at,” Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins told Business News.

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In focus: Fremantle

Tuesday, 30th Sep 2014, Smart Property Investment

Fremantle is Perth’s major port and was one of the first towns to be settled in Perth. Does the suburb still offer opportunities for investors? Damian Collins takes a closer look at Fremantle in his recent article for Smart Property Investment magazine.

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