Step 5: Perth property management that optimises your portfolio


Our property wealth managers offer a premium service for time-poor investors who demand outstanding investment results.

Successful property investment, whether in Perth or around Australia, doesn’t stop at purchase. It also requires that your property portfolio continually performs to its potential over the long term.

To help ensure returns are maximised for clients, our property management specialists work with our in-house research analysts to conduct regular property portfolio reviews.

The property portfolio reviews are presented to clients annually, and include:

  • Portfolio performance for the period
  • Updated appraisals
  • Rental and capital growth performance
  • Property market overview
  • Rental market overview
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Add-value recommendations

In addition to regularly reviewing the performance of our clients’ property portfolios, our property management consultants also create and execute customised marketing campaigns when leasing properties.

Whether in Perth or around Australia, a customised marketing campaign is crucial to attracting the best and most appropriate tenants and considers a range of factors, including, among others:

  • Property type
  • Target market
  • Rental price
  • Promotion channels
  • Market trends
  • Add-value opportunities

Apart from the everyday management of your property portfolio, strategic property wealth management and advice is highly crucial to optimising your returns and achieving your investment goals sooner.

We back our property management service with a 3-month satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you’re not 100% happy with the service provided in the first 3 months you can cancel your management agreement.

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