1960s suburb receives new life

Monday, 2nd Feb 2015

KardinyaThis Perth suburb, which was largely developed in the 1960s, is poised for growth as billions of dollars are poured into infrastructure projects in the area.

Kardinya, traditionally a family-orientated suburb, is set to benefit from some big-ticket infrastructure items in the area, including the $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital and $750 million redevelopment of Garden City.

The Murdoch Activity Centre (MAC), which comprises the new hospital, is set to be a major drawcard for Kardinya.

The MAC will be a mixed-use hub incorporating public and private health care, education and residential and commercial development.

In the long term, the MAC is tipped to support 35,000 jobs (currently 11,000) and nearly 44,000 students.

To support the MAC, government has identified the need to increase housing density in key areas around major transport hubs and introduce a new retail centre to service the growing population.

With Kardinya incorporated in the activity corridor of the MAC, the suburb is set to benefit from the increased economic activity and broader development plans.

Located just 12 kilometres from Perth’s central business district, Kardinya boasts good access to public transport links, including the Bull Creek train station, as well as major bus corridors of South Street and North Lake Road, which access Fremantle, the train station and the city.

Located in the City of Melville, its neighbouring suburbs include Winthrop, Murdoch, North Lake and Samson.

The Kardinya Park shopping centre is the main retail centre for the suburb with a supermarket, butcher, hairdresser, baker, bottle shops, restaurants, bars and other everyday amenities.

Major shopping centres are also found on the periphery, including Bull Creek shopping centre and Garden City, which is receiving a planned $750 million redevelopment, making it the largest shopping centre in Western Australia.

There are high-level schooling facilities nearby, including Corpus Christ College and Murdoch University, making the area even more attractive for families.

The housing stock is a mix featuring low-density housing with many older, 1960s single-residential houses surrounded by newer, duplex construction on the back of recent zoning changes to R25.

Kardinya also boasts a number of large, open spaces and parks dotted around the suburb, including North Lake, Murdoch University grounds, Alan Edwards and Morris Buzacott Reserve. In all there are 13 parks covering 11% of the total area.

About one in five houses (19%) are rented in Kardinya, which is below the Perth average of about one in four (26%).

The Roe Highway extension to Stock Road, which is part of the $1.6 billion Gateway project, will also make Kardinya more accessible from the east and west.