An opportune time to review your mortgage

Monday, 4th May 2015
Categories: Finance, Newsletter

review mortgageEven if your circumstances haven’t changed, now is a great time to review your mortgage to ensure you’re receiving the best deal – what do you have to lose?

Reviewing your mortgage could save you thousands of dollars and help you to reach your goals sooner, but many property investors simply don’t reassess their loans as often as they should.

Too many investors treat their mortgages as ‘set and forget’ and only consider a review if their circumstances are about to change, such as refinancing for another property purchase, for instance.

Reviewing your mortgage will ensure your loan products are still the best on the market that are most suited to your circumstances.

Changes to your personal circumstances, such as a new job, a promotion or the arrival of new children, can affect your financial position, and may mean your existing loan structure is no longer the best suited for you.

Even if your circumstances haven’t changed, there may be new products that could save you thousands of dollars.

With record-low interest rates and healthy competition among lenders, now is an opportune time review your mortgage.

It is a simple process that can deliver huge financial gains, unlock equity in your existing portfolio and help to purchase your next investment property.

If you’re interested in reviewing your loans, please contact a Momentum Wealth mortgage broking specialist today on 08 9221 6399.