Case study: the importance of acting fast in a moving market

Tuesday, 5th Jun 2018

When property markets start to pick up after a downturn, entry into the recovery phase is often signaled by rises in property prices and increased levels of buying activity.

For investors, these changes in market conditions can have a very real impact on investor competition. As growing confidence in the market begins to drive increased interest from investors, buyers will need to act faster to snap up their investment property of choice and avoid missing out on key investment opportunities. This is something our buyer’s agents are starting to notice more and more as the Perth market shows increasing signs of recovery and stabilisation.

A case study: signs of a moving market

The case in point is a 3×1 property we recently identified in Willagee. This property was of particular interest because it was a corner block property with R40 zoning, meaning it held high potential for value add opportunities through development and subdivision.

Our buyer’s agents and research team first started monitoring this property back in October 2016. At the time, the property was listed for sale at $499,000, but was later taken off the market in February 2017 after a period of four months.

Fast forward a further fifteen months, and the property was relisted for sale in mid-May 2018, this time at $549,000. This marked a significant 10% increase on its original sales price. And this time round, the resulting outcome was extremely different. After just seven days on the market, the property had already sold for a significant $535,000. Same property, stronger market conditions, and a stark contrast in performance.

This isn’t the only case like this we have witnessed in recent months. In fact, our buyer’s agents are starting to see more and more properties attracting higher levels of competition from investors, with some properties receiving multiple offers after as little as just two days on the market. This, along with the clear improvement in sales performance demonstrated above, provides undeniable proof that the Perth market is moving forward, and we can only expect more of these situations to arise as the market heats up further in the coming months.

Staying one step ahead

As competition from both local and interstate begins to pick up, it’s inevitable that investors will need to act faster to secure high-performing properties. In situations like these, having the professional insights and guidance of a buyer’s agent could provide investors with a huge competitive advantage over fellow buyers.

At Momentum Wealth, our buyer’s agents work with real-time insights from our in-house research team to help investors identify high-performing properties as and when they hit the market. Through these insights, we are able to offer investors a unique advantage when it comes to selecting and securing highly desirable properties which are likely to attract high levels of competition from other investors.

If you are thinking about buying in Perth’s moving market and would like to speak to one of our buyer’s agent, get in touch with us to organise an obligation-free consultation with one of our dedicated property specialists.