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Following our recent merger with Mair Property Funds, we’re excited to invite our referral partners and their clients to participate in forthcoming commercial property investment opportunities.

Many investors are drawn to commercial property due to the higher yields on offer. Unfortunately, the high price points of quality commercial properties means the majority of investors can’t access these assets.

Commercial property trusts, though, allow investors with even limited financial capacity to gain exposure to large, high-quality commercial property.

A property trust gives investors the opportunity to become unit holders in multi-million dollar commercial properties and, subsequently, gain all the benefits of a larger investment property as well as the experience of an asset management team.

For example, Mair Property Funds recently offered the MPS Diversified Property Trust, which closed oversubscribed and featured:

  • Strong initial distributions projected at 8% p.a.
  • Properties 100% leased to major ASX and multinational tenants
  • Modern commercial buildings
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Conservative gearing of 50%
  • Retail investors eligible
  • $50,000 minimum investment

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