Get ahead of the curve for 2016

According to our 2015 Property Investor Survey, 45% of investors are looking to buy an investment property in the next 12 months and 62% believe that there are plenty of great buying opportunities in the market.

This means that 2016 is looking like a big year for a lot of investors, will you be joining them? If you’d like to use this holiday season to get a head start on your 2016 property goals, it’s time to download the Ultimate Investor Pack.

The Ultimate Investor Pack includes:

  • Case studies of real client acquisitions
    Momentum Wealth clients have made major capital gains after buying high-performing investment properties – even in soft markets
  • 22 Things You Need to Know Before You Invest in Property
    This eBook reveals the superior strategies used by professional buyer’s agents to build multimillion-dollar property portfolios, including:
    – How you can fast-track your property fortune
    – How to purchase properties significantly below market value
    – Vital negotiating tactics, and more
  • The Insider’s Guide to Property Investing
    This guide outlines the key considerations you need to know when purchasing an investment property, including:
    – The 3 irrefutable laws of property investment
    – How to choose the right location and property type to help ensure you’re buying a high-performing investment property
  • How to Build a Massive Property Portfolio
    This informative eBook reveals how anyone can purchase successive high-performing investment properties, including:
    – How to create a property investment plan
    – Finance strategies to maximise your borrowing power
    – How to maximise your property assets through add-value opportunities
  • Success snippets
    See for yourself how our property acquisitions are recording up to 20% annual capital growth as well as high-yield properties that deliver huge cash flow to our clients
  • Investor Booklet
    Discover how Momentum Wealth can help you create significant personal wealth, just like we’ve helped countless others!


Learn the expert approach to property investment and start 2016 already on your way to financial freedom!

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