The Momentum Wealth Investor Pack is essential for anyone considering purchasing an investment property.  Whether you have 10 properties or none, the Investor Pack will explain the fundamental strategies you need to implement to significantly grow your wealth through property investment.

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The Investor Pack includes:

The Insider’s Guide To Property Investing
This guide outlines the key considerations you need to know when purchasing an investment property, including:
– The 3 irrefutable laws of property investment
– How to choose the right location and property type to ensure you’re buying a high-performing investment property

Unlocking the Potential From Your Own Home
This ebook features tips that are used by property investors to buy their first investment property using equity they have built up from their home, including:
– How to understand how much your home is worth
– What is leverage and how could it help you get into your next property?
– How much a bank may lend you based on the equity in your home

Household Budget Planning Tool
Money management is the foundation to building a large property portfolio and should be implemented before starting your investment journey. Be the master of your money with our easy monthly budget planner.

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