Failing to plan is planning to fail

Don’t fall into the trap of letting your emotions determine your investment decisions.

The key to keeping your head in the game is simple: you need a long term plan that takes into account your unique circumstances, that mitigates your risk and, perhaps most importantly, that keeps you focused throughout your entire investment journey.

In this interview, we explore the reasons behind emotional investing, and more importantly, how we defend ourselves against it.

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About the presenters

Emma Everett | Manager – Strategic Alliances

Emma has worked for real estate buyers, sellers and property developers, and has three ‘Buyers Agent of the Year’ awards to her name. In 2011, she moved into her current role providing property advice and support to advisors, such as accountants and financial planners.

QPIA logoMatthew Hughes | Senior Property Strategist

Buying his first property at 19, Matthew has a long-standing passion for wealth creation through property investment. He has more than 16 years of professional experience in a consulting and managerial capacity and holds a certificate IV in property services (real estate), a certificate IV in finance and mortgage broking and a diploma in finance and mortgage broking management.

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