Episode 006 | Finance Strategies For Property Investors

Thursday, 16th Mar 2017
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Most investors are not in a position to buy an investment property outright. So getting appropriate finance during your investment journey is a crucial part of your future success. In this episode, Damian and Arin discuss the difference between good and bad debt, and what key criteria lenders use to assess your loan application. They will also explain correct finance structures and why to avoid cross-collateralisation.

Welcome to episode 6 of our property investing masterclass

We discussed different price bands and timing the market in our episode last, and this week we dive into the topic of how to finance your properties.

Arin and Damian discuss the difference between good debt and bad debt, and why it is important investors understand the difference. They also explain the concept of cross-collateralisation and what criteria banks use to review someone’s loan application.

Tune in and Learn:

  • What is good and bad debt?
  • What criteria do lenders examine when reviewing loan applications?
  • What do Loan-to-Value Ratio and Serviceability mean and what is their impact?
  • What is cross-collateralisation and why should it be avoided?

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Further Learning: Watch our webinar on finance strategies to deepen your understanding of important concepts such as cross-collateralisation. Access the recording here.

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