Episode 007 | Development Strategies and Development Syndicates

Thursday, 23rd Mar 2017
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Our seventh episode covers what many consider a hugely exciting topic in property investing: development. There are a number of ways to go about developing property, each with its own risks and benefits. Damian and Arin discuss different strategies to become a developer, what to keep in mind when financing your developments and some of the common mistakes. Finally, they also look at less talked about, yet potentially highly rewarding, sophisticated strategies such as development syndicates.

Welcome to episode 7 of our property investing masterclass

For many property investors, property development is a fascinating subject. The potentially huge profits on offer are certainly attractive, however, caution should be taken before diving in head-first. In this weeks’ episode, Damian and Arin talk about this popular topic in detail, and provide some great tips on what aspiring developers should (not) do to undertake a successful project.

Tune in and Learn:

  • 3 different ways to become a developer
  • What do we need to keep in mind about financing for developments?
  • Considerations for develop and sell or develop and hold
  • What is a development syndicate and what are the benefits?

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