Episode 008 | Commercial Property and Commercial Investment Trusts

Thursday, 30th Mar 2017
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Deep-dive into the oftentimes unfamiliar area of commercial property investment as Damian and Arin discuss the pros and cons of this property type as an investment. They look at who is suited to pursue this as an investment and how commercial property trusts can enable you to tap into the benefits of commercial property without some of the risks that come with a direct investment.

Welcome to episode 8 of our property investing masterclass

Most property investors will start their journey in residential property, hoping to build a substantial portfolio that one day supports them with enough passive income to retire. The reality, however, is that to build an income through residential property requires a huge portfolio, much larger than most people realise. In this episode, Damian and Arin discuss the merits and pitfalls of commercial property, a investment class that is often overlooked by investors yet can provide exactly what most people are hoping to achieve: high yields to build an income. Not everyone is suited to investing in commercial though, so tune in to find out if and when you should consider adding commercial property to your portfolio.

Tune in and Learn:

  • Why is commercial property so often forgotten by investors?
  • What are the benefits and drawback of commercial property over residential property?
  • Who is suited to commercial property?
  • What is a commercial property trust and what are the benefits?

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