An established favourite with a promising future

Wednesday, 2nd Apr 2014


Warwick is located approximately 13km north of the Perth CBD and 5km from the ocean. It’s a suburb with a relatively small population, given the eastern third is devoted to native bushland, known as the Warwick Open Space.

Located within the City of Joondalup, Warwick was predominantly developed in the 1970s and consists mainly of three and four-bedroom brick and tile residences. It is a well-established area surrounded by other established suburbs or infrastructure, making the availability of land there very restricted.

Warwick hugs the Mitchell freeway, which is the lifeblood of the northern suburbs, offering quick and easy access to and from the Perth CBD and Joondalup, whether by car, bus or train. It has a substantial shopping complex with cinema, schools and plenty of parks and sporting facilities.

Part of Warwick’s appeal is that it is just a short drive to many of Perth’s most popular beaches, as well as Hillary’s Boat Harbour, a favourite destination for tourists and locals.

By Perth standards, Warwick is considered an affordable suburb with most properties priced close to the median house price of Perth. It offers good value for money, especially compared to the suburbs located to the west.

According to recent figures from REIWA, the median house price in Warwick is $560,000, representing a growth of 13.9% over the past year, with the highest sale price being $738,000. The median rental price is $440 per week.

Warwick is in the midst of a transitional phase, a factor that has caught the eye of many investors. Many homes in the suburb are undergoing extensive renovation and some older properties are being demolished and replaced with modern buildings.

Of particular interest to investors is the fact that Warwick is part of the Joondalup Draft Local Housing Strategy, which aims aim to rezone parts of the suburb to allow for more dense residential housing. Large parts of the suburbs look set to be rezoned to R20/R40 or R20/R60.

According to our analysis, Warwick has a high demand-to-supply ratio, meaning demand is very strong compared to supply. Part of the reason is that it appeals to both owner-occupiers and investors. Owner-occupiers love the location, the amenities and the affordability. Investors love the price tag, larger lot sizes, and the ability to add value to old properties via renovation and development.