We have a lot of happy clients here at Momentum Wealth. Hear from Fillipo Filidei about his experience with us in the video above and transcription below.

“The best decision I made in investing in real estate was to get the services of Momentum Wealth behind me. They’ve been absolutely fantastic in every aspect of my real estate purchase. They helped me with the financing as a first home buyer with absolutely no experience of the market. They were terrific because they were able to guide me through absolutely every single step of the way, and they went above and beyond every single other company I’ve ever dealt with. They would call me at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 at night telling me about how my negotiations were doing.

The other aspect I found immensely useful was just that, the negotiations. I’ve never negotiated on real estate before and they took completely over the whole process. I didn’t even have to be involved if I didn’t want to. I didn’t even have to go to home opens if I didn’t want to. And not having any experience of values of properties, I found that really useful. They would give me exactly what the property was worth, tell me when to get out. That peace of mind was worth the investment into the company alone. To me, having somebody specifically telling me exactly what a good financial decision was was immensely valuable. I would not stop recommending Momentum Wealth to anybody that’s interested in real estate, whether they are a first home buyer like myself or somebody that’s already experienced that wants to maximise their investment, they’re absolutely fantastic.”


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