A forgotten university-adjacent suburb

Thursday, 12th Oct 2017

Located next to prestigious riverfront suburbs and packed full of amenity, including being opposite Perth’s largest university, this somewhat forgotten inner-Perth suburb has plenty to offer.

Karawara is located in the City of South Perth, approximately 8 kilometres south of the Perth CBD.

Being a small suburb, it features a population of 2,061 and a median age of only 27 which is much lower than the Perth average, primarily due to the amount of Curtin University student housing.

25.7% of the population identify themselves as professionals, which is above the WA and national average at 19.9% and 21.3%, respectively.

Its neighbouring suburbs include the more expensive Como to the north, Manning to the west and Waterford to the south, with the eastern periphery being Curtin University which falls into the more affordable suburb of Bentley.

The suburb features two main arterial corridors that allow good access to the area, being Manning Road, which runs to the Kwinana Freeway, and Kent Street. Buses run frequently along these roads allowing for easy public transport to the city, beaches and other major amenities.

The median house price is $670,000 with the dwelling stock comprising 73% housing, 26% semi-detached and 1% units. This shows an increased amount of semi-detached dwellings compared to the Perth average of 16%.

The area is predominantly zoned R20 (low density), with pockets of R30 and a very small amount of lots zoned R50 (medium density) which have already been developed into apartment dwellings. The whole area is built to its current residential limits, with very little development options remaining except updating older stock.

Construction is dated from the mid-1970s with pockets of early-2000 built stock in the northeast. The newer stock is a mix of single and double storey, whereas the older stock is primarily single storey.

The area does feature a higher than average number of State Housing Commission properties due to its proximity to the university and level of affordability. Many of these are now being sold as house values increase. The area is benefiting from gentrification, with Waterford Shopping Centre’s high-level upgrade headlining the trend.

Karawara features high-quality amenity including the aforementioned renovated Waterford Shopping Centre, Collier Golf Course, Curtin University and a large variety of parklands including George Burnett Park and Reros Park which occupies approximately 25% of the total suburb area.