Why one school zone can be 12% better than another

Thursday, 28th Sep 2017, Smart Property Investment

Certain metrics have the potential to vastly improve a suburb’s growth performance over that of its neighbours, school zones being one of these.

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Regional WA offers opportunities to seasoned property investors

Monday, 25th Sep 2017, Property Observer

Regional property markets in Western Australia are presenting opportunities to investors, but those considering these markets need to ensure they understand the risks.

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WA state budget a positive for property investing

Monday, 11th Sep 2017, The Real Estate Conversation

From a property investment perspective, WA Labour’s first state budget is relatively positive with no direct increases to property costs.

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Improving labour market, affordability to draw buyers to Perth property market

Sunday, 6th Aug 2017, The Sunday Times

Residential Property Spotlight: Perth, a recent report from our research department that analyses key demand and supply indicators influencing property prices, has found that Perth’s market has now entered into a recovery stage.

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Top 5 checkpoints before buying your first investment property

Monday, 31st Jul 2017, Smart Property Investment

5 key checkpoints that the first-time property investor should consider before buying.

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Infrastructure to buoy market

Sunday, 16th Jul 2017, The Sunday Times

Momentum Wealth’s latest research report features in an article about the spate of infrastructure projects in the pipeline for Perth, and the opportunities these will create for astute investors.

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Perth’s private infrastructure spending boom brings residential property investment opportunities

Wednesday, 21st Jun 2017, Eastern Reporter

Investors who want to profit from Perth’s private infrastructure spending spree are reminded to target areas with projects set to deliver tangible community benefits.

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Brokers slam APRA’s ‘sledgehammer’ approach to IO loans

Thursday, 8th Jun 2017, The Adviser

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s crackdown on interest-only loans has been described as “myopic” and “devastating” for regional Australia, as it failed to take into account the impact on areas outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

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Q&A session: SPI answers all your burning questions

Thursday, 8th Jun 2017, Smart Property Investment

Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins joins host Phil Tarrant on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show to answer questions from listeners around the country.

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Negative gearing’s nip, tuck

Monday, 29th May 2017, The West Australian

Changes to negative gearing handed down in this month’s federal budget have been described as ‘scalpel-like tweaks’ with travel expense deductions and depreciation double-dipping coming under the knife.

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