Boom puts pressure on rentals

Tuesday, 5th Sep 2006, Eastern Reporter

Damian Collins, Director of Momentum Wealth comments on the effects of Perth’s property boom on the rental market.

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Buyers warned of costly compromise

Friday, 1st Sep 2006, The Sunday Times

Damian Collins, Managing Director of Momentum Wealth warns of buyers making unnecessary compromises because of a lack of properties on the market.

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High demand by keen tenants pushes up cost of renting

Saturday, 19th Aug 2006, The west Australian

Perth’s property boom has resulted in an increase in rent prices and urgency among renters and secure s place to live, property experts have said.

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Full-service strategy

Saturday, 8th Jul 2006, The West Australian

Damian Collins, Managing Director of Momentum Wealth discusses the full-service offering helping property buyers.

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