“Green shoots” emerging

Sunday, 2nd Apr 2017, The Sunday Times

Momentum Wealth’s recent national Property Investor Survey has shown that Australian property investors remain bullish despite a tough market.

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Cautious optimism for upswing

Sunday, 26th Feb 2017, The Sunday Times

There are signs that Perth is close to, or has hit, the bottom of its current residential property cycle, and is starting to see a shift in sentiment amongst buyers.

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Two-tier market: Brisbane’s apartment and housing gap to widen

Thursday, 19th Jan 2017, Mozo

Momentum Wealth recently released a research report on Brisbane, highlighting the growing gap between the performance of houses and apartments; and advising investors to focus their attention away from apartments in areas of high supply.

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2017 real estate forecast: property experts share their tips

Monday, 9th Jan 2017, Eastern Reporter

Buyers and renters currently have the upper hand in Perth’s property market due to an oversupply of stock, making it a good time to buy before the market lifts in favour of sellers.

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How to retire early with property

Saturday, 7th Jan 2017, Australian Property Investor

Property experts provide advice around the widely accepted, but not often realised, dream of retiring early through property investment.

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A year of hard knocks

Tuesday, 3rd Jan 2017, Australian Property Investor

Australian Property Investor looks back at the year that was, and what 2017 may bring, for the Western Australian residential property market.

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What property type is right for you? – Part 2

Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016, Smart Property Investment

Part two looks at direct commercial investment, commercial trusts and residential development syndicates.

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What property type is right for you? – Part 1

Friday, 9th Dec 2016, Smart Property Investment

A guide to the pros and cons of common property types and who they are best suited to.

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Blowing the roof off property data

Thursday, 1st Dec 2016, Australian Property Investor

Data experts warn that even though investors now have access to a multitude of property data at their fingertips, they should be wary of taking it at face value.

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Price benefit in sea and scenery

Sunday, 13th Nov 2016, The Sunday Times

A good mix of amenities and proximity to the beach have seen some coastal suburbs of Perth record double-digit price growth in the 12 months to August.

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