Top 10 Property Management Tips

For Landlords and Residential Property Investors

Featuring 10 tips that are used by the leading property managers in WA to increase the yield of property investments.

Apart from the everyday management of your properties, strategic property wealth management is highly crucial in delivering you the best possible returns and achieving your investment goals. In a market in which the rules and regulations that bind a tenant and landlord together are changing rapidly, it is vital that you are updated with the latest changes. This ebook reveals the top-10 tips that can be used to assist you in this journey.

You will learn:

  • how to make your property more appealing to a tenant;
  • changes that have occurred to the Residential Tenancies Act in WA that you may need to make to your property to ensure you don’t get fined;
  • how to protect your property from damage from a negligent tenant; and
  • simple ways to increase the rental yield of your property without a large monetary outlay.

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