Momentum Wealth launches new syndicates

Wednesday, 7th Sep 2016

Momentum Wealth has launched its latest residential development syndicates, which comprise two boutique apartment projects.

The first syndicate, the Momentum Wealth Red Gum Fund, is a develop-and-hold investment in which investors can acquire a finished apartment at wholesale prices – circa 15% under market value.

Investors in the Red Gum Fund can choose to sell their apartment at completion to realise the returns, or hold the dwelling to lease and receive strong rental yields as well as long-term capital growth prospects.

The minimum investment for the Red Gum Fund is $150,000 and the fund is forecast to have a term of investment of between 16-24 months.

The second syndicate, the Momentum Wealth Golden Wattle Fund, is a develop-and-sell investment, in which the apartments are constructed and sold with funds returned to investors at completion.

Target returns for investors are between 15-20% per annum and the fund is expected to have a term of investment of between 24-36 months.

The minimum investment for the Golden Wattle Fund is $100,000.

For more information on the Golden Wattle Fund, or to register your interest, follow this link.

These latest syndicates are part of the Momentum Wealth Growth Series of Syndicates, which also feature the Silver Bark Fund – a 16 apartment, 3 townhouse development which is expected to be completed later in 2016.

The Momentum Wealth Growth Series of Syndicates also includes the Silk Oak Fund – a 40-unit apartment project which was launched earlier in 2016 and raised more than $4 million.

Residential property development syndicate services are provided by MW Capital Pty Ltd (Licensee Pendragon Capital Ltd AFSL 237549).