Most movers want to stay in WA

Wednesday, 5th Jun 2013
Categories: Market News, Newsletter

Western Australia

In a sign of the strong ongoing demand for property in WA, of the nearly half a million people in WA who plan to move house in the next three years, 87 per cent intend on staying within WA.

The figure comes from the 2012 WA Housing Motivations and Intentions Survey released recently by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. According to the survey, there is a strong push by renters looking to buy, with just over half of those intending to move being renters.

Of the 429,000 adults planning to move within WA, 61 per cent intend to move within the Greater Perth area and most said they would prefer their next dwelling to be a separate house. Interestingly, 47 per cent planned to move within the next 12 months.

The main reasons people gave for wanting to move were relating to the appearance and layout of their existing home or simply a desire for a better quality residence.

When choosing a future location, familiarity with an area was important, as well as being close to family or friends. Having access to facilities and services such as shops or schools also mattered to a high proportion of people.