Momentum Wealth is a Perth based, full-service property investment consultancy dedicated to helping clients build wealth through property.

We offer a premium, advice-driven service helping clients in the strategic planning, financing, acquisition, development and management of their residential and commercial investment properties.

Our comprehensive property investment process means our clients benefit by dealing with a single dedicated organisation that can meet all of their property investment needs. Through this holistic approach, we ensure our buyers receive the best advice and long-term support they need to succeed in their property investment journey, helping them achieve outstanding results.

When it comes to accelerating your wealth through property investment, property selection is critical.

A property that achieves an extra 2% capital growth per annum can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional wealth over the long term.

Momentum Wealth outperforms the Perth property market Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2.07%

*Momentum Wealth purchased properties CAGR vs Perth market average CAGR measured in 2018

To put that in perspective

By outperforming the market by 2.07%, our clients get ahead faster.

For example, if the market rose 4% year on year, our properties on average rose 6.07%.

On a $500,000 purchase, clients have a $10,350 advantage in the first year

Clients make back most of their Buyer’s Agency fee after only 12 months.

On a $500,000 purchase in 10 years the total market outperformance is $160,000

That means our clients are $160,000 better off by choosing Momentum Wealth to help find their investment property.

We have been helping property investors accelerate their wealth for 15 years

Ongoing performance matters

Successful property investment doesn’t just stop at purchasing the right property

Through our ongoing advice, proactive management and value-adding strategies, we ensure our clients’ portfolios continue to perform to their maximum potential.

As Perth’s premier property investment advisors, Momentum Wealth has helped hundreds of investors in the search, acquisition, finance and management of their property assets, achieving superior results.


The total value of all properties we have bought amounts to $667,721,823AUD


The sum of all loans we helped settle exceeds 1 billion dollars.


The total number of properties we are managing for clients in 2020.


The value of assets our property team looks after day to day exceeds well over half a billion dollars.


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Disclaimer: Past performance may not be indicative of future results. All investments involve varying degrees of risk hence it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment strategy will result in the indicated performance on this website.