This document has been prepared by Momentum Wealth Projects Pty Ltd on behalf of you, the client. Momentum Wealth Projects assumes no responsibility or liability in relation to the accuracy of the assumptions that have been used in the preparation of this document. Momentum Wealth Projects, together with all other consultants involved in the preparation of this information, accept no responsibility to or from any third party who may use this information.

While all planning investigation has been undertaken in good faith, development is never guaranteed. Zonings and planning policies can change and the development potential of your site may change significantly and this may reduce the value of your property. Councils and government authorities assess plans once submitted and a variety of factors can influence whether or not a development is approved. This can include a council or government authority’s interpretation of planning schemes and policies.

The figures contained within the feasibilities are estimates only and should be regularly updated as actual figures become available. Development costing estimates have been given prior to detailed building designs.

Actual costs will vary depending on material and labour costs; design, size and specification of the proposed dwellings; market forces and other factors not known at this time. Income estimates are provided by Momentum Wealth Projects using today’s market values, based on preliminary assumptions on current market rates within the area. Actual values, at completion or the time of sale, will vary depending on market forces and other factors not known at this time.

Various assumptions have been used to create the feasibilities contained within. While we attempt to provide conservative estimates and include all reasonably-foreseeable costs associated with the development, we do not accept any responsibility for variations to or exclusions from this feasibility that may affect the economic viability of the development. Individuals should make their own enquiries and do their own research to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of these feasibilities.

When considering whether or not to embark on any property development, it is important to understand that there are inherent risks associated with property development. Completing appropriate due diligence and using a professional development manager are important measures to help minimise these risks, however, there is no way of eliminating risks altogether. We recommend you consider whether property development is right for you before deciding to go ahead with the proposed project.