How to fail your property research

Exploring the 4 biggest research mistakes

Did you know that the average first time investors spends less than 50 hours researching the market before making a purchase worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars?

This was a statistic uncovered in Momentum Wealth’s 2018 property investor survey!

It is a worrying trend, because in 50 hours you simply cannot possibly look at the entire market in Perth, let alone the whole of Australia, to scout out the best locations to suit your budget, strategy and long term needs.

What are some other mistakes we see investors make when it comes to researching?

Join  host Gavin Hegney and Momentum Wealth experts Shaun Strickland and Emma Everett LIVE as they delve into the typical research mistakes that property investors make.

Audience participation will be encouraged! Attend the live session for your opportunity to ask our panel your research-related questions!

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Gavin Hegney

Specialist in property analytics, forecasting, media & research

Gavin Hegney is a prominent member of WA’s property industry. He is one of the most sought-after media property commentators and presents as keynote speaker on a diverse range of economic topics for corporate groups statewide and nationally.


Emma Everett

Quality Assurance Manager

Emma has worked for real estate buyers, sellers and property developers, and has three ‘Buyers Agent of the Year’ awards to her name. She is currently employed as the Quality Assurance Manager at Momentum Wealth, keeping the wider team accountable for providing the highest quality services.


Shaun Strickland

Research Advisor

Shaun has over 8 years’ of experience in the property industry and has completed a master of property and a bachelor of commerce. Before joining Momentum Wealth in 2011, Shaun worked for four years at a private property development company and, using his expertise of the market, is now an active property developer in his own right.