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Property Investing in 2019 and beyond – what’s changing, what’s not and how to keep ahead

Wednesday, March 27

Crown Convention Centre – Astral

  • Where are the hotspots now and which are the up and coming ones?
  • Lending restrictions, Royal Commission – What’s happening in property finance that might impact investors? How do we prepare for that?
  • Are changes to negative gearing going to affect investors?
  • What strategies are most effective now and will they continue to be effective?

Our Seminars

Our seminars are different

Contrary to what some property seminars promise, get-rich-quick schemes for property investing are unrealistic, and even dangerous. Some people do get lucky however adopting proven and disciplined strategies ensure investors are more likely to achieve their goals and build more lucrative portfolios. So if you’re looking for a seminar to tell you how to build a multi- million dollar property portfolio with $10 a week, then we’re not the consultants for you.

However, there IS one crucial first step to successful property investment, and it is education. Acquiring knowledge will help you identify incorrect information and false claims. Momentum Wealth’s series of reports, ebooks, webinars and seminars can help you with that.

Our seminars are educational seminars particularly relevant to investors who want to equip themselves with the fundamental principles, strategies and essential knowledge to build and maintain strong property portfolios. Learn from experts on a range of topics including how to really read property data, investment strategies, finance strategies, property management essentials, property development, sophisticated investment strategies, investing in commercial property, while getting updated on market trends and predictions.

The small ticketing fees we charge for our seminars are to cover some event costs only.

This is what some of our clients are saying about their experience at Momentum Wealth’s property investment seminars.

“The information presented by Damian is honest, real and current for any level property investor.”
Andrew Stephens, Morley, WA

“No hype, just facts. This is what I was after, very informative”
Tristan Mong, WA

“I would absolutely recommend. The only seminar I have attended where there is not an ‘ulterior motive’ and we are not being pressured into purchasing particular products.”
Eloise Petterson, WA

“Damian Collins and Momentum Wealth always deliver. I leave so inspired!”
Jessica Haddow, Wattle Grove, WA

“Brilliant advice on selecting a valuable property and then financing and building on it.”
Nicholas Monisse, WA

“The seminar has made me more determined to get to my goal in investing and has made me realise it is more possible than I thought.“
Stephanie Black, Hammond Park, WA

“I loved the objective, factual approach, I didn’t feel like I was being sold something or hassled. Open and honest, professional, genuine!“
Lauren Chesworth, WA

Average seminar rating (as of January 2019)

Content 90%
Panellist 88%

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