First-Home Buyers

As property advisors, we understand the importance of your first home not only in setting the right foundations for your desired lifestyle, but also in giving you the best possible start for your future.

Buying your first home is a major decision, so we know that taking the first step into the lending and property market, as exciting as it may be, can also be a daunting process.

Our first-home buyer mortgage broking and buyer’s agency services are designed to guide you through this first purchase, giving you the support, advice and confidence you need to know you’re making the right decisions.

First-Home Buyer Services

Finance Broking

Our finance brokers can help you set an ideal budget for your first purchase, before identifying the best loan solution to suit your circumstances from over 40 different lenders.

Buyer’s Agents

Our expert team of first-home buyer’s agents can assist you in the research and negotiation of your first home, while ensuring the property checks all the necessary criteria and you’re not paying more than you should.


Our team has created a range of educational materials, videos and guides to start you off on the right track for the purchase of your first home.


Finance Broking

From establishing an initial budget for your property search to identifying the right lending solution for your needs, our mortgage brokers will guide you through the entire finance process from start to finish. With access to products from over 40 different lenders, our team can use their unique knowledge of property to help you identify the right lending product and loan features for your unique circumstances, working with you to create a tailored loan strategy that supports your needs and longer-term goals.

Planning to expand your portfolio in future? Our brokers place a strong focus on property and finance education, and can work with you as a first-home buyer to discuss longer-term strategies that will support you in the future growth of your property portfolio.

Buyer’s Agents

Finding the right property and negotiating your first-home purchase can be a difficult, confusing and at times stressful process. How do you know you’re making the right decision? Are you securing the property at the right price? Or are there problems with the property you’re not aware of?

Our award-winning buyer’s agents offer professional representation throughout your first-home purchase, including helping you identify the right property to suit your short and long-term needs, establishing a suitable price with a property appraisal and providing you with a competitive advantage by negotiating the purchase on your behalf.

Momentum Wealth has a long history of outperformance

We know that your first home is an important step not just to achieving the lifestyle you want, but equally in helping you progress towards your longer-term property goals. Getting the fundamentals right at the start of this process can set you at a significant advantage and ensure you’re not held back when it comes to expanding your portfolio in future.

As licensed property professionals and investment specialists, our buyer’s agents hold an in-depth understanding of the factors that drive property values, and can work with you to secure properties that meet your needs while also holding the ability to outperform the market.

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Joe's Story

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Nelson K

We were after a mortgage broker that understands the market and has a long term view of property investment. We wanted to feel comfortable we were getting our first loan with someone that understood how our first decision will affect subsequent purchases. Not only did we get a great product with one of the big 4, we got significant peace of mind and a stress free transaction when it came to financing our first home.

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