(More than just) Property Investment Advice

At Momentum Wealth we offer a complete end-to-end solution for anyone looking for property investment advice, whether you are just starting out on your property investment journey, or you’re an experienced investor wanting to expand your portfolio. Our thorough, research-driven advice is just part of our full service offering.

Financing an investment property

Our expert team of mortgage and property investment finance advisors have a lot of experience in developing finance strategies particularly suited to growing your investment portfolio. Lending criteria for investment loans can vary significantly to owner-occupier loans, and our brokers know the strengths of each lender in this area, so we can provide advice on which lenders to avoid when devising your loan strategy.

Buying an investment property

Our award-winning team of buyer’s agents and acquisition specialists always work on behalf of the buyer, ensuring that you get the best advice when it comes to finding a good investment property. Using proven research and buying methodologies, they help investors identify future growth areas and excellent deals within those locations. They take care of all the hard work for you throughout the property search and negotiation process.

Investment property management

Often overlooked as an important part of building any property portfolio, the right property management can help keep your investment portfolio firing on all cylinders. You want to ensure your biggest assets are being managed by someone with your investment goals in mind. Anyone can provide a rent-collection service, but not all property managers will offer you the best advice on how to achieve the most out of your existing portfolio. Our team of property wealth managers are highly trained in working closely with investors to optimise their properties and provide advice from an investment point of view.

Property development advice

Whether you have an existing site you’d like to develop, or you want to source a site with development potential, our development team can advise you on the best way to finance, acquire, plan and manage your project through to completion. If the thought of having to deal with real estate agents, architects, builders, council workers, tradesmen and a multitude of other consultants along the way is making you hesitant to start your development dream, engage a team of experts to do the leg work for you, while you remain in control of your own development project.

Commercial property services

Our commercial team specialise in commercial property acquisition, management and leasing. If you’re looking for your next commercial premises or just want to expand your investment portfolio to include commercial property, our team can assist with the best advice for your commercial investment needs.

Property investment syndicates

Property syndicates are becoming a more common investment option for many people, as they are an effective way for everyday investors to gain exposure to investment opportunities with higher price-entry points. Many investors simply don’t have the financial capacity to pursue these investment options by themselves, so it makes sense for them to pool their money with others to access better investments. We can provide advice on choosing the right moves for your property investment syndicate each step of the way.

Start your investment property portfolio with the best advice

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