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As one of Perth’s leading property investment consultancies, our focus and expertise extends beyond the role of the day-to-day brokerage. Specialising in investment property finance, our mortgage brokers use their extensive knowledge of property and the lending market to help our clients identify loan solutions that are uniquely tailored to their property investment needs.

Backed by insights from our buyer’s agency division and in-house property management team, our finance team work closely with clients to develop a tailored loan strategy that aligns with their wider investment goals, identifying the right loan structures and lending products to support their short and long-term needs. Through this holistic, advice-driven service, we are able to guide our clients through the growth of their property portfolio, providing them with the knowledge and support they need to reach their property investment goals sooner.

What makes us different?

Momentum Wealth’s Perth team of mortgage and finance brokers are specialists in investment property finance. Our consultants, in conjunction with our in-house research department, will devise your tailored loan strategy, which will enable you to build a massive property portfolio more quickly while optimising your cash flow. After creating your loan strategy, our team of mortgage and finance specialists can recommend products and loan structures that are most suited to your property investment goals.

Who We Help


Equity release for investments

Risk minimisation structures


Development finance


 Debt consolidation

Finance for renovations



First-Home Buyers


House and land/ construction finance

Savings plans


How we help

Holistic Advice

With many of our investors aiming to build larger property portfolios, we look at our clients’ long-term objectives as well as their immediate needs when recommending lending solutions. In collaboration with our inhouse buyer’s agency, research department and property management team, we offer holistic advice to help our clients develop effective cash-flow strategies, guiding them through the entire property investment process from finance through to acquisition and asset management.

Loan Strategy

Prior to recommending a loan solution, our mortgage brokers conduct a detailed review of each client’s financial situation. We then work closely with our in-house research department and property investment specialists to devise a tailored loan strategy based on our clients’ unique needs and property investment goals.

Regular Loan Reviews

After loan approval is received, we offer our clients regular loan reviews to ensure their lending solution continues to meet their evolving needs, advising them on any further strategies to maximise their finance opportunities.

Ongoing Support 

In a predominantly transactional industry, we don’t just look out for the big deal – we focus on building trusted relationships with our clients. We understand that building a successful property portfolio requires a longer-term approach. By maintaining this long-term focus, we help our clients capture market opportunities and reduce the risk from market fluctuations, providing buyers with the support they need to reach their wider property investment goals.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

As specialists in investment property finance, we advise investors on strategies to minimise their investment risk. We focus on structuring our clients’ portfolios in a manner that supports their long-term goals, reducing their financial risk through effective loan structuring and lender diversification.

Consistently Superior Finance

Put your investment in Industry-trusted hands – each year Momentum Wealth Broker and Mortgage Credit advisers are recognised for outstanding service. See just some of our finance credentials below.

2020 Better Business Awards – Best Independent Office (5 Brokers of Less)

2019 MFAA Excellence Awards – Residential Finance Broker Award

2018 Connective Excellence Awards – Brokerage of the Year for <5 Brokers

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