Supporting passionate riders

Wednesday, 7th May 2014

hall cycling

Momentum Wealth is proud to be supporting the Hall Masters Cycling Initiative, which is aimed at increasing participation and enjoyment around bicycle racing and training.

The Hall Masters Cycling Initiative prides itself on actively engaging new riders with the cycling sport regardless of age or ability.

Last month Hall Cycling and Momentum Wealth held an individual Time Trial event which saw 30% of participants ride the timed event for the first time as competitors, thus engaging new-comers to bicycle racing.

There is unprecedented growth in cycling as a sport, for fitness and as a social and recreational activity in Western Australia. WA has a higher participation rate than any other Australian state and an estimated 405,000 Western Australians ride a bike in a typical week.

At Momentum Wealth, we believe that cycling offers a great opportunity for self-development, preventative health and social interaction.