Take action to achieve your development goals

Monday, 11th Jan 2016

construction siteIf you’ve always wanted to become a property developer, make 2016 the year that you realise your dreams.

For those who have never done it before, the thought of developing your own property can be a daunting, yet highly exciting prospect.

However, property development doesn’t have to be scary or a highly onerous process. You just have to align yourself with the right people who hold the right skills to get the job done.

Engaging a company to manage the development of your property can be one of the easiest and most financially rewarding ways of developing a property.

Essentially, a lot of the leg work, that is researching and finding the best designers, builders and trades people has already been completed for you.

Furthermore, a development manager will also have a comprehensive understanding of the required processes and procedures, including when to gain council approvals, liaising with utilities providers and suppliers, insurance coverage and contract negotiations and terms, among other issues.

Whether it’s completing a retain and build or the construction of a boutique apartment complex, a development manager will work with you to obtain the most cost effective outcomes, by minimising delays and costs and maximising profits.

A good development manager will have a good track record of delivering a variety of projects. Ask to see or inspect some of their existing projects under construction and even speak with previous clients.

Property development doesn’t necessarily mean having to get your hands dirty or completing physical labour on the weekends.

Additionally, given the efficiencies that a good development manager can deliver, it’s easy to see the value in paying a professional to oversee a development for you.

So if you’ve always aspired to complete a property development, make 2016 the year to fulfil your goals.