This is what some of our clients are saying about their experience at Momentum Wealth’s property investment seminars.

“The information presented by Damian is honest, real and current for any level property investor.
Andrew Stephens, Morley, WA

“No hype, just facts. This is what I was after, very informative”
Tristan Mong, WA

“I would absolutely recommend. The only seminar I have attended where there is not an ‘ulterior motive’ and we are not being pressured into purchasing particular products.”
Eloise Petterson, WA

“Damian Collins and Momentum Wealth always deliver. I leave so inspired!”
Jessica Haddow, Wattle Grove, WA

“Brilliant advice on selecting a valuable property and then financing and building on it.”
Nicholas Monisse, WA

The seminar has made me more determined to get to my goal in investing and has made me realise it is more possible than I thought.
Stephanie Black, Hammond Park, WA

I loved the objective, factual approach, I didn’t feel like I was being sold something or hassled. Open and honest, professional, genuine!
Lauren Chesworth, WA

Well worth a couple of hours of your time to learn about property investment.
Michael Abelha, Woodvale, WA

It’s a must if you are looking at starting in property investment.
John Slater, WA

“Inspirational and educational.”
 Kae Ho, WA

Substantial insight into what to look for when buying a property. Highly recommended, very professional and sincere presenter.
Claire Bartholomew, WA

Very informative and to the point – relevant to my needs and to that of anyone looking to invest.”
Helen Johnson, Aveley, WA

“Upfront, honest, clear and focused. You will get the information you need to move forward with your property investment goals.”
Scott Green, Maddington, WA

“No hype, just informative education for a foundation in property to build wealth.”
Joe Rubbo, WA

“Momentum Wealth are structured to serve the client purely for an investment portfolio and building on that.”
Lee Hitchcock, WA

“It’s a great starting point encouraging by showing each person the important stepping stones to achieve their goals in life.”
Jane Armstrong, WA

“A simple yet effective format of the seminar providing knowledge to make educated decision.”
Leigh Nicholas, Perth, WA

“Wow! So much information that needs to be considered for property development. Thank you Damian for sharing all these considerations with us. The photo of the power pole in the driveway got everyone talking!”
Bill Perger, Claremont, WA

“This was a very informative presentation which leaves you thinking about the right steps to take to prevent delays and lots of money.”
Carla Martins, Port Kennedy, WA

“Unreservedly recommend – excellent”
Michael Menna, Duncraig, WA

“First seminar I’ve been to and turned out to be a lot more informative than I anticipated. Facts and statistics were a great feature of the presentation as well as tips of what to look for when investing in properties.”
Zack Smith, Churchlands,  WA

“Loaded with information, definitely worthwhile, Damian explains very clearly. Fantastic speaker and knowledgeable.”
Rhys Lowe, Garbutt, QLD

“Solid, sound information presented by a proven successful investor.”
Bobbi Madi, WA

“Great value – gets you thinking about what goals you may (or may not have) in planning for your financial future.”
Hugh Soord, Woodlands, WA

“Most valuable seminar I have been to so far… No hard sell – just honest facts and advice.”
Sophia Curnow, WA

“It’s great to be able to learn from an experienced property investor in Damian and I look forward to building my own property portfolio and a financially secure future.”
Simone Robinson, WA

“If you want to succeed, surround yourself with professionals.”
Lee West, WA

“If you have not started your investment property journey, then this is the right one to come to. Easy to understand, with no hidden agendas!”
Kristie Robinson, WA

“The seminar gave me an understanding of what I don’t know, options available and how to gain further knowledge and information. It held my interest and I would recommend to anyone interested in property investment.”
Chloe Thomas, VIC

“Definately worth coming to…Damian provides great insights into proeprty investing.”
Gavin Bassett, WA

“Definately attend this seminar. The information is worthwhile and can help you make decisions about the future.”
Kim Maloney, VIC

“Real experience supported by real facts – excellent seminar.”
Robin McDowell, QLD

“Great info explained in simple terms. Gave me confidence in the property market.”
Graham Billington, WA

“This was the most informative seminar I’ve ever been to.”
Amit Raj, VIC

“Invaluable. The information was indespensible. You won’t regret it – spending a few hours now to learn about property will pay dividends way into your future.”
Ruth Bertenshaw, WA

“I’ve been to many property investment seminars inthe past & this was the best by far. No hype, all facts – just what I was after.”
Ryan Smith, WA

“Highly recommend. Momentum Wealth has a good reputation among property investors including successful ones. I found them recommended by many investors within property investors forum discussions online.”
Lara Martin, WA

“The most I got from the seminar is value-adding to property, retirement strategies, finance strategies and was a refresher on goal setting. It’s a must for anyone who is looking to build a big property portfolio.”
Mario Boudewyn, VIC

“Damian is a confident presenter and delivered an informative seminar. I learnt a lot. Gave me a lot to think about.”
Phillip Morley, WA

“Excellent presentation. Different from other seminars. I have learnt more form this seminar than the others.”
Bee Leong, WA

“Just go to this seminar. It’s great and vaulable. You’ll learn a lot and it’s backed up with lots of motivation”
Arnab Roy, VIC

“Useful if you are a beginner and don’t know where or how to start.”
Stephen Ryan, WA

“A specialist field people have needed for a long time.”
Bean Heah, WA

“An instant hit of property development knowledge.”
Edwina Ingham, WA

“A great introduction to property development. Succinct and informative!”
Tabitha Grubb, WA

“Real experience supported by real facts – excellent seminar.”
Gary Heiden, WA

“Great coverage of the background and fundamentals of property development.”
Geoff Grubb, WA

“Good information and great motivation tool.”
Darren Davy, WA

“Very good for ordinary people wanting to learn about investing or developing.” 
Maylyn Delgado, WA

“A real eye opener to building development planning.”
Simon Mule, WA

“A honest speaker who gives you the reality of property investing.”
Priya Shah, WA

“A ‘must’ before you buy anything.”
Rhonda Rycroft, WA

“I’ve been to many property investment seminars in the past – this was the best by far. No hype, all facts – just what I was after!”
Ryan Smith, WA

“There is more to purchasing property than looking at the real estate adverts.” 
Neil Currin, WA

“First class seminar packed with interesting property investment considerations.”
Mark Lewer, WA

“If you seriously want to invest in property, you need to attend.”
Cynthia Yap, WA