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Accelerating your wealth through property investment

How we can help

Property Education - Property Wealth Through Knowledge

Take control of your financial future with the right knowledge today

If you want to build your own property fortune, the most important investment you can make is an investment in knowledge. Whether your goal is to be a millionaire or just have a few extra dollars in retirement, you simply must take action.

Wealth creation does not need to be a high risk, fast paced adventure. If you want to take a more conservative approach to wealth creation, then you can still become financially successful by making the correct incremental decisions that add up to substantial wealth. For those willing to learn and who take action the sky is the limit.

About Momentum Wealth Education

Momentum Wealth Education was established to ensure investors have the necessary tools and resources available to them so they can make the most of their property investments. Three education programs to suit individuals’ different learning styles and overall property investment needs.

1. Property Masters Home Study Program

This program is the foundation of all our educational offerings, giving you a comprehensive ‘toolbox’ of written materials, audio CD’s and DVD’s to study at your own pace.  This is the perfect solution for the self-guided investor who wants to build significant wealth on their own terms.

2. Advanced Property Masters Program

Our Advanced Program includes the home study program plus a series of intimate workshops as well as seminars throughout the year. The additional face-to-face contact suits investors looking for further support and motivation to more rapidly build their portfolio.

3. Premier Property Masters Program

The Premier Program contains all the elements of the previously listed programs, plus the addition of a personal buyers’ agent to mentor and guide you along the way of purchasing your investment property. If you’re a serious investor looking to purchase a high-performing investment property now then this is the ideal program for you.

Investment opportunities exist in all markets – you just need the right strategy for that particular time and our comprehensive education program will provide you with the necessary wisdom, knowledge and experience to identify the highest-performing properties to build your wealth.

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The Property Masters Home Study Program

The Property Masters Home Study Program comprises:

  • 5 Modules filled with over 700 pages of written notes
  • 10 x Momentum Wealth Audio CDs
  • Momentum Property CDROM (includes all the forms and checklists from Modules 1 & 2)
  • DVD – Minimising your Tax and Protecting Your Assets
  • The Momentum Property Locator™ and the Momentum Property Investment Analyser™ forms that will show you the way to find the "millionaire maker" properties
  • The Momentum Property Renovation Analyser™, the Momentum Property Renovation Inspection Checklist™ and the Momentum Property Renovation Profit Calculator™ forms that will guide you step by step how to find the perfect property to renovate and exactly how to renovate it for maximum profit

These forms all come on CD ROM as well so you can use them over and over again.

What you'll learn:

 How to build your own property fortune

  • How the rich invest in property
  • The fundamental secret rule of property that wealthy investors know
  • The three incredible wealth drivers that create explosive property fortunes
  • Lies, damn lies and statistics: What agents and promoters don’t tell you
  • The best cities and the best states to make a property fortune
  • When to buy and the exact time you should sell
  • The secrets to making a fortune in off-the-plan purchases

 Huge profits in property renovations

  • The brilliant strategies successful investors use to make a fortune from property renovation
  • What types of properties you should buy to fast-track your property empire
  • Properties you should NEVER buy to renovate
  • How to do your own personal property inspection and how to avoid the hidden traps that could cost you a fortune
  • Loads of brilliant ways to cheaply and effectively add value
  • How to accurately estimate renovation costs
  • How to complete a budget
  • How to schedule works to save you time and money
  • How to get tradesmen and builders to do exactly what you want every time

How to buy property significantly below market value

  • How the wealthy buy property at deep discounts to market value and how you can too
  • Brilliant strategies to buy multiple discounted properties and catapult you up the wealth ladder
  • How to understand the property market and market value
  • 5 secret reasons why people sell property below market value and how you can capitalise
  • How to find properties that will sell below market value
  • 15 amazing strategies to purchase property at huge discounts to market value

Advanced property financing strategies

  • Why successful investors love debt
  • How the rich get subsidised lending and how you can too
  • The huge wealth creation benefits from using credit
  • How the finance industry works and how you can use this knowledge to get the deals you want
  • How to beat the banks at their own game
  • How to fix your credit rating, no matter how bad it is
  • The in’s and out’s of property financing
  • The perfect loan you need and how to get it
  • 10 fantastic strategies to purchase property with little or no money down!

Secrets of successful property negotiations

  • Why being a successful negotiator can massively boost your property wealth
  • 10 success secrets the best negotiators use to get what they want
  • 10 specific strategies to employ when placing an offer that will dramatically increase your success rate
  • How to outsmart and outbid everyone else at an auction
  • Questions to ask agents and sellers that will make you a fortune
  • Dealing with owners direct – how to get win win property deals every time

Advanced Property Masters Program

Our Advanced Property Masters Program includes the Home Study Program, 5 evening seminars which cover the strategies from the Home Study Program in detail, plus 4 bonus Master Classes on Tax and Asset Protection and Property Development.  Using practical real world examples, we'll show you how to apply these strategies. You can get answers to any questions you have about property investment and bond with like minded investors to share property ideas and strategies.

Tax & Asset Protection Master ClassTM

  • How to maximise and claim every possible tax deduction on your property investments
  • Exactly how to structure your personal and investment loans to maximise your tax deductions and turn a non-deductible $300,000 home loan into a fully deductible loan in as little as 5 years!
  • How to structure your property portfolio to never pay land tax (Damian will show you how this saved him over $45,000 per year every year!)
  • How to avoid common tax mistakes that can cost you a fortune
  • How to keep your current home and rent it out and never pay capital gains tax even if you sell it!
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of GST 
  • How to buy, renovate and then sell a property and make a fortune, paying no capital gains tax or income tax!
  • The best structures to hold property (whether it’s your own home, investment property or property to develop)
  • The truth about hybrid discretionary trusts and how getting this wrong could cost you a fortune
  • How to build a firewall around your assets to make them impenetrable to lawsuits
  • How you can develop your own home and pay little or no income or capital gains tax – this tip alone could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • Structures Damian uses to protect his assets
  • and minimise his tax

Property Development Master ClassTM

  • The 5 ways developers make a fortune and how you can too
  • Determining the right development strategy for you
  • How to find the perfect development site (The best deals are not advertised!)
  • What type of research you should do and why it’s ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL
  • How to do a feasibility study
  • What you MUST INCLUDE in your contract to avoid going broke
  • How to finance small, medium and large development projects
  • What to do BEFORE you even settle on your property
  • How to manage your property development project
  • Getting your plans approved and dealing with local councils
  • How to release equity WITHOUT selling your development
  • Selling your project – how to build the “WOW” factor
  • When you should hold your development project and when you should sell
  • Case study property development examples

You will receive detailed training manuals in both the Tax and Asset Protection Master ClassTM and the Property Development Master ClassTM.

Premier Property Masters Program

The Premier Property Masters Program is for serious investors who want to gain financial freedom as quickly as possible and are ready to purchase a high-performing investment property now. This exclusive program includes everything in the Advanced Property Masters Program, plus 12 months mentoring from a dedicated Momentum Wealth Buyers Agent.

Tapping directly into the wealth of knowledge held by one of our Buyers Agent’s could make all the difference when it comes time to finding properties that outperform the rest. Your mentor’s ongoing support, advice and motivational energy will also keep you focused and committed to your ultimate goal no matter what challenges you face along the way. 

Expert mentoring

  • 12 months of one-on-one property mentoring
  • Unlimited phone and email support for 12 months from your dedicated mentor
  • Through your mentor, availability of information from exclusive research tools such as RP Data that ordinary investors wouldn’t have access to
  • Up-to-the minute information and advice from a buyers’ agent immersed in the market every day
  • Privileged access to our carefully selected team of experts 
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What makes our course unique?


Unlike many other education courses, you will receive additional assistance to support you on your investment journey. Opportunities to attend regular seminars facilitated by Damian Collins, will also be available. You'll be able to network with like-minded investors, further your knowledge about specific property investment topics and strategies, and ask Damian questions in person.

Specialists in the Australian property market

Damian has been investing in property for over 20 years both in Perth and interstate. He is still an avid property investor to this day and owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Damian has developed investment strategies that are perfectly tailored to the Australian property market and applies his many years of experience to help aspiring investors accelerate their wealth creation through property investment.

Damian has earned a Bachelor of Business at RMIT University in Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma in Property at Curtin University in Western Australia. He has also completed the stringent requirements for membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and is currently a member of both institutions. Damian is also an Accredited Mortgage Consultant, a member of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

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Our guarantee to you

We are completely confident that our program will provide you with the wisdom, knowledge and experience to build your wealth through property investment. With your investment in our program, you will receive two guarantees:

10 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We will give you 10 days to run through the program and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, then we will refund your money, no questions asked.

5 Times Your Money, 12 Month Guarantee

We will give you a full 12 months to implement the program and put it to the test. Simply make a diligent effort to implement the program for a whole year and if you do not make 5 times the cost of the program, then we will insist on refunding your money.

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