why the market fluid proposition

Why the market is a fluid proposition

Sunday, 23rd Aug 2015, The Sunday Times

Has the Perth property market bottomed out? Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins speaks to Mara Fox about whether there are signs the market might be about to turn.

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planning law changes to hit developers

Planning law changes to hit WA developers

Monday, 17th Aug 2015, Property Observer

In his guest observation for Property Observer, Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins discusses the impact of recently announced changes to WA’s residential planning codes (R-Codes).

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7 steps massive part 6

7 steps to building a massive property portfolio: Part 6

Monday, 10th Aug 2015, Smart Property Investment

Statistics show that more than 70 per cent of property investors own just one investment property. Here are seven steps to set yourself apart from the average investor and help you build a multi-million dollar portfolio.

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councils pressured

Councils pressured to deliver density

Monday, 10th Aug 2015, Business News

Property experts want the state government to put more pressure on local councils to achieve their infill targets. Despite infill being a priority for the state government, it was revealed late last year that only two out of the 32 local government areas were achieving their targets. Speaking at a recent MBA event, Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins said “not all people buying apartments want to live in the city, but in a lot of areas there is not a lot of choice, and this is the big issue we’ve got going forward.”

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industry urges infill

Industry urges infill rule change

Wednesday, 5th Aug 2015, The West Australian

There have been calls for more apartments to be built around Perth’s train stations, with industry saying a policy is needed to offset the recent changes to the R-codes system made by the state government last month.

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first time investors hit hardest

Special report: first-time investors hit the hardest

Friday, 31st Jul 2015, Smart Property Investment

The recent changes to investor lending brought about by directives introduced by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) will hit first-time investors the hardest, say industry experts.

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planning falls short

Planning falls short for higher density

Monday, 27th Jul 2015, Business News

Amid a growing demand for greater housing diversity outside of the CBD, the state government has inexplicably announced changes to the R-Codes system which will leave Perth residents with a lack of options for higher-density living. Momentum Wealth managing director Damian Collins says this will ultimately contribute to more urban sprawl.

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policy to curb apartments

Policy to curb apartments in Perth suburbs will hurt housing affordability: property experts

Thursday, 23rd Jul 2015, PerthNow

Planning Minister John Day has unveiled changes to the residential building codes that he says will better control apartment development in suburban areas. However, property industry experts say this has the potential to drive up house prices, put more pressure on infrastructure and encourage urban sprawl.

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north vs south

North vs South wars: Perth

Wednesday, 22nd Jul 2015,

If you live in Perth, no doubt you’ll have an opinion about which is better: north of the river or south of the river. Local property experts weigh in on the matter in this study of Perth’s suburban rivalry.

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resi south 30th anniversary edition

Passing years are accounted for in dollars and cents

Tuesday, 21st Jul 2015, Residential South (Fremantle-Cockburn Gazette)

In its 30th anniversary edition, Community Newspaper Group’s Residential liftout takes a look at the housing market over the last 30 years.

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