Property investment opportunities for sophisticated investors

At Momentum Wealth, we understand that seasoned investors, institutions and high net-worth individuals have specialised requirements outside of our Private Client services.

For those seeking to generate higher returns through property investment, our corporate property team provides specialised property advisory services that go beyond traditional residential property investment solutions in the Western Australian market. We can tailor a specific solution for your particular property investment needs, whether this be commercial property investment, direct and indirect residential development, or access to high-yielding mezzanine investments.




Direct Property Development

Momentum Wealth can help you manage risk while generating measured profits via residential property development. Our experienced property development team manages the entire property development process on behalf of individuals and groups with the aim of optimising outcomes and investor returns. We will source the most suitable development site, arrange the necessary funding, manage planning and construction and coordinate project marketing and sales.

syndicate development

Residential Development Syndicates

For clients who want a passive investment and diversified exposure to residential property, Momentum Wealth offers property development syndicates. All syndicates are run under an Australian Financial Services Licence, which is governed in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001, and are available to wholesale investors only. Momentum Wealth provides a unique investor-first approach to property development syndicates, which leverages the benefits of a broader investor base. Our property development syndicates are vigorously subjected to a strict set of qualitative and quantitative criteria to balance the downside risk and maximise investor return.

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Direct Commercial Investment

Sourcing, researching and managing direct commercial property assets in Australia can be challenging as an individual to execute. Momentum Wealth Commercial Property has extensive in-house experience providing buy-side advice in the office, retail and industrial markets. The scope of our advice can include sourcing property, due diligence, funding through local banks and ongoing asset management and leasing services.

commercial trust

Commercial Investment Trusts

An alternative investment route for commercial property ownership is Momentum Wealth’s syndicated commercial property solutions. These syndicates are run under an Australian Financial Services Licence and are available to a range of investors. Momentum Wealth and our affiliate Mair Property Funds will source the property, negotiate funding on behalf of the investors and provide asset management and commercial property management services.