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Our expert team of award-winning buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of property investors, developers and home buyers. Backed by proven research methodology, industry know-how and decades of experience, our property experts assist buyers in identifying the highest quality investments opportunities across the market based on your unique investment needs and strategy.


Independent representation


Property buyer’s agents work exclusively for you as the buyer, providing expert representation throughout the search, negotiation and due diligence process to level the playing field against experienced selling agents and protect your interests through unbiased, independent advice tailored solely to you.


Save time and gain confidence


Buyer’s agents are dedicated experts who consistently monitor the market for new property listings, while also keeping informed of area changes that could impact a location's long-term appeal. Using this detailed intelligence, they can help you identify high-quality properties while taking away significant time, risk and stress from the purchase process.


Access more and better opportunities


Buyer’s agents offer access to quality properties, including off-market opportunities, outside the small number of suburbs most buyers are familiar with. Buyer’s agents will review your buying criteria and then match it against a range of locations, ensuring you have access to a broader range of purchase opportunities and areas.


Risk mitigation


Buyer’s agents help mitigate risk by carrying out thorough due diligence checks to identify hidden problems such as zoning changes, building issues and environmental factors which could hold back a property’s potential. They will also often negotiate special clauses and conditions into the purchase contract to help protect buyers' interests both before and after placing an offer.

Our Buyer’s Agency Services

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Property Search & Acquisition


If you’re looking to work with a property acquisitions specialist to find your next investment or home, our buyer’s agents will use our stringent purchase criteria and access to off-market deals to help you find the highest-potential investments across the market based on your individual property strategy. They’ll use our proven research methodologies to identify future growth areas and properties with potential to outperform the broader market, as well as identify properties to avoid based on detrimental property or neighbourhood factors.

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Due Diligence & Risk Mitigation


From pre-purchase property checks through to final inspection, our buyer’s agents use a thorough due diligence process to identify potential risk factors and hidden issues that could lead to unexpected costs or hold back your property’s performance over time. This information can be used to rule out problematic assets, identify issues for renegotiation, and verify whether a property is going to meet your criteria now and in the longer term. This service alone has helped a significant number of our clients make considerable cost savings throughout the purchase process, in some cases preventing thousands of dollars in unwanted costs.


Expert Property Negotiation


Our buyer’s agents have years of experience in the art of negotiation. As part of our buyer’s agency services, they will represent you throughout your property purchase, acting as a third-party buffer between you and the selling agent to help you achieve the best possible price, with conditions that are favourable to you as the buyer. This will include negotiating the right contractual conditions to protect your interests, minimise your risk and potentially prevent unexpected costs. Your buyer’s agent will then verify that all these conditions have been met and, if repairs or issues are identified, follow up with the seller or their agent to ensure these are resolved prior to settlement.


Our buyer’s agents are regularly recognised by industry bodies for their excellent customer service and contributions to the property industry, and are proud inductees into the REIWA Hall of Fame. See some of our Buyer’s Agency credentials below.

Browse more of our accolades here.

Expert Advantage

Through their market expertise, our buyer’s agents have significantly increased our clients’ potential for above-market returns.

Momentum Wealth outperforms the Perth property market Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2.07%*

*Momentum Wealth purchased properties CAGR vs Perth market average CAGR measured in 2018

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. All investments involve varying degrees of risk hence it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment strategy will result in the indicated performance on this document.


Do you only work with investors?

Not at all – our buyer’s agents have assisted everyone from seasoned developers to owner-occupiers and first-home buyers, and have bought both homes and investment properties on behalf of our clients. We’re happy to discuss the different aspects of our service that may be suited to you based on your individual property strategy.

How does your fee system work?

While some agents will work on a percentage commission (i.e. receiving higher commissions from higher-priced properties), our buyer’s agents operate on a fixed-fee service, so you can be sure we’re always working in your best interests.

Do you only buy in Perth?

Our buyer’s agents operate in Western Australia and predominantly specialise in Perth property purchases. However, we also work with a trusted network of interstate buyer’s agents and a national property research house to look after our clients who are considering an interstate property purchase.

I want to develop a property – can you help?

Absolutely – our buyer’s agents regularly source development sites and properties on behalf of our clients in conjunction with our in-house development team. Once you’ve identified and purchased a site, our in-house development experts can then manage the entire process for you, from feasibility and design right through to construction and final delivery. If you plan on renting out the final properties, we’ll also work with our property managers to develop a tailored leasing strategy for the finished units.

If you are interested in developing property but you’re not sure if a direct approach is right for you, you can check out our residential property development syndicates as an alternative joint development option.

Do you offer support after a property purchase?

Our property services aren’t just transactional – we understand that building a successful property portfolio requires a long-term, holistic approach which extends far beyond the initial purchase. While our property managers work with our owners on an ongoing basis to maximise their portfolios’ potential through proactive value-adding and risk mitigation strategies, our buyer’s agents are consistently monitoring the market to keep our clients informed on updates such as changes to zoning, market trends and local government planning updates to help clients make the right long-term decisions for their property portfolio.

I've already chosen a property to buy - can you help me?

Yes! We have a range of services to help property buyers who already have a property in mind. Our pre-purchase “Property Check” service can identify any deal-breakers and give you a price range for your negotiation, and our “Negotiation and Due Diligence” service is ideal for buyers who would like to hire a professional negotiator to represent them throughout the negotiation process to achieve the best possible price and contract terms.

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