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The copyright of the Company will be strictly enforced. Our website may contain links to other sites. The user is to be aware that we make no representation of, nor guarantee the accuracy or the safety of, any of these sites. The user chooses to use them entirely at their own risk. DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCESS We are committed to meeting, if not exceeding, our clients’ expectations whenever possible. As much as we all dislike receiving complaints, we recognise that dissatisfied clients have a right to complain and to have their complaint handled quickly and directly. Clients who take the time to complain may well still have confidence in us and want to continue dealing with us. Complaints are not a nuisance or a cost, they are an opportunity to obtain feedback from clients about their product or service experience. We use them as a way to change products,  service style and market focus, expediently and inexpensively, to meet clients’ needs, maintain clients’ confidence and continuously improve service and relationships with our clients. Complaints are, in fact, a valuable and important part of ongoing business relationships. They flag potential problems and difficulties, and recurrent complaints may indicate a systemic problem that needs immediate attention. They enable us to provide solutions to problems, rather than have remedies imposed by an external body. The prompt resolution of complaints is a good indicator of whether, generally, we are consistent and presenting the best possible image to clients and prospective clients. It enables us to prevent disputes from becoming entrenched. All staff and credit representatives must comply with our internal dispute-resolution procedures. We do not charge a fee to consumers who make a complaint. Our Complaints Contact Person is Jennifer Wakeman. Our Complaints Contact Person is responsible for:

  • dealing with and attempting to resolve all client complaints which cannot be resolved by providing clarification or information;
  • advising clients of their rights to lodge complaints with our external dispute-resolution scheme;
  • managing all disputes with clients;
  • liaising with our external dispute-resolution scheme; and
  • dealing with the MFAA and the MFAA Disciplinary Tribunal as necessary (in relation to our finance broking services).

We provide the following information about our internal and external dispute-resolution procedures (for our finance broking services).

  • We display a leaflet publicising our external dispute resolution scheme in our offices at all times.
  • We publish the name and contact details of our Complaints Contact Person and a guide to our Internal Dispute-Resolution Procedure on our website.
  • We provide a guide to our Internal Dispute-Resolution Procedure to any consumer who asks for it or when they want to make a complaint.